Work in Progress: Flawless Melody

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Below is the Work In Progress Page for Flawless Melody. This page will update as the work continues until it’s release.

My latest novel, Trevor,  Was released May 26th, this is the 4th book and completes the “Sinful Seven” series.

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Grabbing my wrists, he slowly inches them up over my head, causing my breasts to jut out. There’s no space in between us and that’s when I feel his erection brushing against my belly. Heat pools between my thighs and I swear a moan escapes.

“You think I’m hot?” Well, duh. Is he that blind.

“Maybe not but just suffice it to say that being around you for so long might have clouded my mind. If you want to be the only one to touch me then what are you waiting for?” His eyes close on a deep inhale and I know he’s ready to give in when a loud knock hits the back of my head. He let’s go of my hands and places his index finger against my lips.

“The room is mine for the week so this better be worth my fucking time!”

“Hate to bother you but have you seen Melody. I can’t find her anywhere.”

Oh, crap on a cracker, it’s Jaxon.

“Not since the concert ended. Give me a sec and I’ll help you find her.” If looks could kill, I’d be dead. This is exactly what he was afraid of. Getting caught with his pants down. I stifle a giggle because for the life of me, I think it’s funny that two consenting adults need to hide.

“Appreciate it. If she’s hooking up with some random groupie some heads are going to fly!”

“Ah, in all fairness Jax, she’s twenty-four years old. I think her virginity was gone a long time ago.”

“Just because you’re my best friend doesn’t mean you can get away with talking shit about my sister. Remember the bro code, Zander. That pertains to her virginity too. I’ll meet you outside”

That’s when I get the look, like “I told you so,” before he yanks off his towel and oh my god! Yes, I heard rumors and yes, I might have seen a glimpse of him when they went skinny dipping in our pool all those years ago but right here in the now it’s book worthy…

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