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My latest novel, Trevor,  Was released May 26th, this is the 4th book and completes the “Sinful Seven” series.

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Hands over my head, I bring my sticks together and tap out the opening beat. A split second later the rest of The Sinful Seven join in on the rousing cords. I’ve done this a million times before.

So why am I surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, Yet feel so abandoned and alone? Desperate for a break, I get in the car and drive.

That’s when fate steps in…

I came to her rescue in a random grocery store one night. Then again when her car wouldn’t start. Now, we’re snowed in together during the worst blizzard since 78’.

Savannah has no idea who I am. And I’m captivated by her southern charm. She’s a little bit country, and I’m the drummer for The Sinful Seven. The hottest rock band these days!

When the time comes for her to learn about my rockstar alter ego, Can we find a way to fit into each other’s worlds? Or will the trappings of fame cost me the first real happiness I’ve found in years?

Get lost in the gritty world of rock-and-roll with Trevor. The fourth and final installment in The Sinful Seven series, where country and rock blend in an alluring combination.


I’m the man in the back. The forgotten one. Until I put my sticks together to tap out that first beat. Then all eyes are on me for a split second before the rest of The Sinful Seven follow my lead.

Some musicians have honestly said, the person on the kit is the lifeblood of the band. Needing to fill in the gaps and keep pace with every song. Others, disagree. They claim we are stupid, wild at times and give us a bad-rep. Hell, there’s even a ton of jokes about us. Like, “What do you call the guy who hangs out with all the musicians? The drummer!” Or, “What does a drummer use for contraception? His personality.” The list goes on and on.

I say, fuck them! They have no clue how exhausting it is to play the drums for roughly two hours a night. Day after day for months on end. Am I the best drummer of all time? Fuck no. That title goes to Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Keith Moon, just to name a few. Will I make that list one day? Maybe, but I won’t hold my breath. With my luck, it would happen after I’m dead and gone…