Work in Progress: Flawless Harmony

Hello Fans!

Below is the Work In Progress Page for Flawless Harmony. This page will update as the work continues until it’s release.

My latest novel, Flawless Melody, was just released on March 1st!, this is the 1st book of the new “Rebel Riot” series.

You can buy Flawless Melody for $2.99 Now!

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I’ve been down and out, and I’ve lived in the lap of luxury. Neither one was for me, so I choose my own path. Somewhere in the middle works for me.

I have a secret…

I love playing music. It’s the only reason I joined Rebel Riot. When we’re onstage, we’re loud, aggressive, and explosive. Off the stage, not so much. We’re not a tight-knit group like other bands. It’s all good, and the only way I roll.

I have a secret…

I’m never going to be your best friend, and, on some days, I can be your worst nightmare. The choice is yours.

I have a secret…