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You’ve reached my work in progress (WIP) page for Willow. This will be the 3rd novel in the “Sinful Seven” series after Jet. Right now the book is being written!

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Words Written
Writing Progress 15%


A wise philosopher once said, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well I beg to differ, since it’s been over five years, and not a day goes by where I don’t ache for what could have been. Wishing I could hold you in my arms one last time, before you were so brutally taken away from me.

Not only did I lose the love of my life that day, I lost a piece of my soul that I’ll never get back. And the person who was responsible for it all, was no longer my hero but a monster who destroyed so many lives.

There’s not a person on this earth who can convince me that loving someone is not a curse, it’s a blessing. The heart can’t distinguish a person’s age, it just recognizes the euphoria it feels when they’re near.

If it hadn’t been for my bandmates, Lucas, Jet and Trevor, to hold me up, I wouldn’t be here with all of you today. They’re the glue that put all of my jagged pieces back together. Not once, but twice and if I’m being honest, it’s been more times than I care to count. . .