I try to convince myself she’s better off without me, but the beast inside me ache’s for her…


I’ve always known there was something dark and twisted lurking just below the surface of my skin…


At fifteen, football was the only way to control the monster raging inside of me…

Logan’s intro #2

I’m guessing we must have a bashful bunch. Either that or no one is interested in getting to know me. Not one question was sent this week to Connie’s e-mail. Hmm.. So, I’m going to ask all of you a few questions instead. When it comes to show and tell, what do you prefer? For […]

Logan’s intro…

Hey, my name is Logan Black. And if you’ve been following this blog for the past few months then I think it’s safe to say you know me quite well. I don’t like talking about myself because that would make me self-centered. Am I right? And I’m not going to talk about my looks because […]

Lyra #2

He’s patiently waiting, as I open my eyes. So, I reluctantly hold out my hand for him to see. And I’m stunned, when he places it on his thigh and gently covers it with an ice pack. “Contrary to what you believe Lyra, I’m not the enemy. For what it’s worth, I’m actually one of […]

Ryker Steel #1

Up until four days ago, my life was quite tedious and tiresome. Until I rescued a dainty girl with golden hair and sad hazel eyes. Now, my life is turned upside down and inside out. What am I supposed to do with her? Do I just bring her home and pray the media doesn’t get […]

Lyra Harper #1

How could he possibly know my name? Now he’s at an advantage because I sure as hell don’t have a clue who he is. All I can do is nod as I gaze into those hypnotic eyes. They’re as black as night and a perfect complement to the color of his hair. Which is long […]

Ryker #2

“What the hell is your problem dude?” Oh, she didn’t just go there. Dude? Seriously? My brows pinch together as I get into her personal space. “I’m a man, precious. Do. Not. Touch. Me. Unless, you want me to reciprocate. My problem is I need to get laid. So, consider yourself forewarned. Tomorrow, I’m going […]

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