A night in the hot tub!

“What’s so funny?” she asks as she jabs me in the ribs. “Nothing, I was jut thinking about something. Let’s go raid the fridge, then we can make a picnic by the Jacuzzi. How’s that sound?” Grabbing her elbow I lead her into the kitchen door. “That sounds like a game plan to me.” She […]

Scott’s (Riley’s dad) Fourth of July party…

Grabbing her by the waist I pull her to me. We’re nose to nose and it takes everything in me not to assault her mouth with mine. “Your dad obviously doesn’t want us together, Riley. So he’s picked out some preppy dude to occupy your time for the summer.” She wraps her arms around my […]

A night of passion…

Walking into the bedroom I fight to hold back the tears that are about to escape. Changing into my boy shorts with a tank top I slip under the nice cool sheets. They smell like him-a mixture of his soap with that spicy scent that’s all his. I can’t hold back the tears anymore; my […]

Riley and Hunter meet for the first time…

Leaning back I close my eyes,letting the sun ease the tension from my body. When I feel a spray of cool water hit my feet I yank off my sunglasses to see what the hell’s going on. There’s a man swimming in the pool! He pulls himself through the water with such speed and fluidity […]

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