Scott’s (Riley’s dad) Fourth of July party…

Grabbing her by the waist I pull her to me. We’re nose to nose and it takes everything in me not to assault her mouth with mine. “Your dad obviously doesn’t want us together, Riley. So he’s picked out some preppy dude to occupy your time for the summer.”

She wraps her arms around my neck, tugging on my hair. Standing on her tiptoes she licks my bottom lip then nips it with her teeth, causing a reaction inside my shorts. “I want you to occupy me for the summer, not Parker or anyone else my dad wants to fix me up with.”

Crushing her body against mine I explore her mouth with my tongue. When her tongue flicks across my bottom lip I suck it into my mouth, She tastes so f—ing good, like berries and lemons. A moan escapes the back of her throat, sending me over the edge.”Riley, we need to stop or I’m going to throw you on my bed right now.”

She looks at me with her lust filled eyes. “What’s wrong with that?” She grabs my hand trying to pull me down the hallway.

“We can’t do this now; there’s a party going on because of you! Scott’s probably looking for you right this second and believe me it won’t be pretty if he finds you here with me. We’ll talk later, I promise.” She needs to go, now!

“Can I come back up here later when the guests leave?” She looks at me with those huge eyes and my heart skips a beat.

“Why don’t you meet me down at the beach after everyone’s gone. Here, I’ll write my number down and you can text me.” Grabbing a sheet of paper I jot down my number and fold it into her palm.

“I’m still learning how to text. Can I call you?” Her cheeks turn pink. Funny how they were flushed moments ago.

“Do whatever is easiest for you.” Kissing her lightly on the lips I fix her hair before sending her out the door.

I’m a dead man walking.

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