My eyes lock on hers as I slide her blouse up and over her head and send it fluttering to the floor. Her chest heaves with every breath she takes as she stands in front of me; reminding me of the beautiful sixteen year old girl I once knew.

I slide my fingers underneath her straps so they can slither down her arms before circling my arms around her to unclasp her bra. She sucks in a breath as I run my hands gently up and down her arms until her bra falls to the floor. With trembling hands I unzip her skirt which slithers down over her perfect hips before pooling at her feet. When she bites her bottom lip as she gazes up at me, my heart flutters. And when I hook my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, she tips her head back and closes her eyes. She’s naked, vulnerable and so f–king beautiful. I pick her up by the waist and sit her on the edge of the bar as her panties tumble to the floor. Callan is my drink of choice, all that I crave and my only addiction.

Her eyes follow my every move as I walk over to the counter, grab my iPod and slide it into the dock. When I find what I’m looking for, I press play. As I turn around, ‘Lifehouse’ fills the room and a smile spreads across her gorgeous face. When I try taking off my shirt, she shakes her head and crooks her finger at me. My heart thuds inside my chest as I take in her perfect breasts as I amble over to stand in front of her. With her eyes locked on mine she grabs the hem of my shirt and tugs it over my head. Her eyes scan over every inch of my torso as her hands reach out to caress me. She traces every tattoo with her fingertips as my body trembles beneath her touch. Once she’s finished, her lips replace what her hands just memorized. My hands immediately tangle in her hair as she places a kiss on every tattoo that’s etched upon my skin. She gasps as she spins me around and see’s what’s carved between my shoulder blades The words are written in Gaelic, so she has no clue what they truly mean. And after tonight she never will..

After leaving tender kisses against the flesh of my back she reaches around my hips to unbutton my jeans. Possession clutches at my chest and crawls underneath my skin. The dark and twisted part of me want’s to take what’s always been mine. But if she truly belongs to Liam, then I’m crossing a line. However, Callan’s always been there when I’ve needed to forget, and I desperately need to get lost inside of her. If only for tonight.

When she tries sliding down my zipper, I catch her wrists with my hands and turn around to face her. Looking into her fearful eyes I ask, “Will you be satisfied with just one night, Callan?” When she nods, I feel like my heart has been torn from my chest and laid bloody at my feet. I sure as hell want so much more now that she’s here with me.

If someone had told me a year ago that all I would be to the woman I love was a hook-up, a one-night stand or a f–k buddy, I would have ripped them apart with my bare hands. So with a smoldering stare and a heavy heart I unzip my jeans. Slide them and my boxers down around my ankles and step out of them before gazing up into her big brown eyes.

Damn, if she doesn’t lick her lips before scrutinizing me from head to toe. “You still want me, Logan,” she whispers.

Cupping her face I breathe against her lips, “I will always want you, Callan.” Until the day I die. And it breaks my heart that she doesn’t feel the same about me anymore…

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