A Reunion?

When I walk back into the bar the scent of lavendar smacks me in the face. It reminds me so much of Callan that my heart squeezes inside my chest. Which automatically causes the palm of my hand to rub across the sudden ache. But it’s when I hear that sultry laugh above the drone of conversation that has me gasping for air. Glancing up I see Liam walking out the door with his hands splayed around a honey colored blonde.

Oh hell to the f—ing no!

I’m oblivious to everyone around me as I go sprinting across the room. Someone grabs my arm as I try jerking away causing them to hold on tighter. Turning around I come face to face with Uncle Carl and his mouth’s moving but I don’t hear a word he’s saying. “Callan’s leaving, let me go!” I scream as he loosens his hold. When I go barreling through the front doors the only sign of her is the billowing white plume of exhaust from Liam’s disappearing Lexus.

I can’t help screaming, “F–k, F–k, F–k.” as I stand in the middle of the road. Closing my eyes I take a few deep breaths before scrubbing my hands over my day old stubble. I feel the rush of air as cars speed by me while honking their horns and yelling out profanities. Then suddenly I hear the squeal of tires, causing me to tense up as someone swerves to avoid me. That’s when I see the blue lights flashing through my tightly closed lids, Shit!

When I open my eyes I see two of New York’s finest ambling their way towards me. “What are you doing in the road, Logan? Did you tip too many back while bartending tonight?” They’re both smiling but I know they don’t find it amusing.

“Unfortunately, I’m as sober as you guy’s.” I look both ways before crossing the street. Once I’m safely on the sidewalk I say, “I’m sorry you wasted the taxpayer’s money, but everything’s fine.”

“Someone called 911 reporting some tattooed hoodlum obstructing traffic. I knew it was you the minute they described your tats. So you want to tell us why you were standing in the middle of the road so we can file our report.” Gregg crosses his arms and pretends like he’s pissed. He’s actually Blake’s big brother so I’ve known him like forever.

“I thought I saw a woman being forced into a car against her will. It turns out she went willingly so it’s not my fault she’s attracted to assholes.” I can’t help grinning because it’s not far from the truth…

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