A night in the hot tub!

“What’s so funny?” she asks as she jabs me in the ribs.

“Nothing, I was jut thinking about something. Let’s go raid the fridge, then we can make a picnic by the Jacuzzi. How’s that sound?” Grabbing her elbow I lead her into the kitchen door.

“That sounds like a game plan to me.” She winks at me before heading inside.

We grab some cold past salad, cheese, olives and some crusty bread. I grab a few beers, while she takes some sweet tea. Scooting her upstairs so she can change I hurry to set up everything before going upstairs to put on my shorts. When I round the corner I see she’s already relaxing in the warm bubbles.

Sliding in beside her I lean in to kiss her neck just above her collarbone. She gasps as her body trembles against my mouth.

“If you keep that up I’m going to straddle you right here and now.” She looks at me like she could eat me up.

I throw my hands up in surrender. “We better stick to food; I don’t want your dad seeing us grinding against each other tonight.”

“That’s a very wise decision,” she laughs. I hand her a plate of food.

After we finish eating we sit in the hot tub until our skin shrivels up like prunes.When we finally climb out I cover her with my shirt before sitting in the lounge chair and tucking her between my legs. We talked until one in the morning. Whispering in her ear I tell her, “I’m looking forward to Friday so I won’t have to say goodnight.”

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